VanDyke is from the old country. He doesn't know your name, but he knows you, and he knows why you're here - to spread the gift of hemp. For like him, he knows that you wish only to put into your hands an adventurously calming experience that can be passed onto others.

VanDyke's CBD comes in many forms. His cultivations hidden within terrain too treacherous for ordinary men to pass, he travelled the lands and traded seeds, perfecting his Peach Goliath and Cali Kush strains. He grew the fields for he needed to fill his pipe, but in time, he perfected the art of rolling fine cigarettes, and found them easier to sell to those skeptical of CBD. He learned to grow CBG, and has a whole line of fine hemp smoking products dedicated to his "CBG White" label. And in more recent years, his brushes with the modern world brought him the inspiration to create a CBD vape pod which can soothe on the go, for no other reason than that he grew tired of his perfect beard getting singed by matches.

To him, though, they are all simply Lady Hemp, the love of his life.



VanDyke's CBD products can be sold in any head shop. The benefits of CBD and CBG are well known, and to those who do not wish to feel the psychoactive effects of cannabis, hemp will provide a 'body high' that brings incredible physical relaxation and pain relief. Many people smoke hemp as a healthier alternative to tobacco. Even regular smokers of tobacco or cannabis have expressed interest in CBD products, especially CBG, which is extremely soothing.

VanDyke's is a business that will come to your door to deliver product. We will make sure you are well-stocked with only the finest premium hemp goods. The variety of fruity and earthy flavors is appealing with a less pungent aroma than other ways of smoking.

Call a sales representative today at (602) 882-8828, and ask for VanDyke.